At the the change of day

 photo IMG_3948aSmall_zps30318d70.jpg

By: ASN, Roma, 8 October 2013

Sunset and sunrise always inspiring
Knocking the heart of my human being
Reminding me how small I am
Even time, is beyond our control
We never know when will our time come

    *Foto “Sunrise on the sky” ini kuambil dari jendela pesawat di ketinggian 38.000 kaki diatas daratan China, tanggal 9 Oktober 013, pukul 06.03 waktu setempat.

Pasing by

 photo IMG_3606a1Small_zpse5531199.jpg

Roma, 7 October 2013

Walking along the river side
Such a quite pedestrian
Crossing historic stones
Romantic reflections across mind
Just pasing by…

    *Foto “Pasing by” ini kuambil di salah satu sudut Roma, Italy, tanggal 7 Oktober 2013, 19.52 waktu setempat.

On the ride

 photo IMG_3825aSmall_zps23aa81f6.jpg

By: ASN, Roma, 8 October 2013

Enjoying my ride
every second of it
till I reach my goal
Being able to
share for and in life

    *Foto “Sayap dan ketinggian” ini kuambil dari Pesawat di ketinggian 40.000 kaki diatas wilayah Turki tanggal 8 oktober 2013, pukul 14.26 waktu setempat.

Sapaan jiwa

 photo IMG_2067aSmall_zps5d62bba7.jpg

By: ASN, Belitung, 6 April 2012

Sekedar duduk disini
Nikmati sentuhan angin
Dan, damai aroma alam
Ya, aku masih disini

    *Foto “Sapaan jiwa” ini kuambil di Pantai Burung Mandi, Belitung Barat, 6 April 2012, pukul 18.05 WIB.

Ungu pagi

 photo IMG_2064a1Small_zps6467dc7d.jpg

By: ASN, Bali, 25 Agustus 2013

Mungil yang indah
Sering terlewatkan
Hadir di tengah ungu
Selamat pagi..

    *Foto “Bougenvile Ungu” ini kuambil di Nusa Dua, Bali, tanggal 25 Agustus 2013, pukul 07.21 WIT.
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